A website is like having a receptionist that never goes home, who doesn’t need time off, who doesn’t expect overtime pay, who will give out consistent, accurate information 24/7, professionally represents you to the public, never loses his/her patience, always a smile, and does this for an unbelievably low salary!

OKHOA will provide you with a dynamic website that does this and much more!

1. A website saves you and your staff valuable time and money by redirecting repetitive questions to the website, training residents to get their info online. Residents have 24/7 access to the budget, bylaws, covenants/restrictions, forms, minutes and FAQs.

2. A website that is attractive and professionally designed with HOA features, compliments your plan for the community.

3. A website helps prepare an Association for the transition process from developer to Board of Directors, educating the Association about Director and Board responsibilities.

4. Through a website, the neighborhood moves from dependence upon the developer to Association independence.

5. A website is like a cornerstone to a foundation you’ve prepared. It is an essential communication tool that will help launch the success and harmony of the HOA.  As a developer, it is to your advantage that the HOA be successful. It will further build on your good name and reputation.

OK HOA can help you build a successful HOA!