Inspection of Books and Records of Incorp. HOAs

Ever wonder if members of a Homeowner’s Association have a right to inspect the Association’s records? Ever wonder if your Association is required to keep certain records and documents? If your HOA is incorporated, you might find Attorney Matthew Winton’s article helpful. This specifically addresses Oklahoma law and these issues.

Here is the link to the actual statute on the Oklahoma State Courts Network.

“If a corporation, officer or agent refuses to permit an inspection or doesn’t respond to the request within five business days, the member may apply to the district court for an order to compel an inspection.”

Mr. Winton’s article also provides a Sample Document Retention and Records Request Resolution for HOAs.

Effective Meetings

Want to find out how well your Association is being managed? Attend the next Board of Directors meeting and request a copy of the minutes for the past year. A well run meeting is a good indicator that the leadership of your community is managing the affairs of your Association effectively. The focus of this article will be to establish procedures and guidelines for an effective Community Association Board of Directors Meeting.

First and foremost, every Board Member should be acquainted with Roberts Rules of Order and a copy should be present at every meeting. Roberts Rules of Order have been universally accepted as the standard of parliamentary procedure. It is a set of rules for conducting business at meetings and public gatherings and it can be adapted to fit the needs of any organization. Roberts Rules of Order establishes a procedure for making, amending, discussing and voting on motions presented by Members of the Board of Directors. It further establishes four different methods for voting on a motion. They are: 

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