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Updating Your Website

Some individuals and groups think that once they have a website for their community, they are good to go!  That has some truth to it but needs to be clarified.

(1)  You have a foundation for communication but technology changes quickly.  It is important to keep the website’s software updated for security reasons.  Once you have your website hacked,  you will not want to go thru that again.  Update the software regularly, to keep the website functioning properly.

(2)  What once looked in style,  now looks out of date.  Usually every 3-5 years you will need some visual updates.  A change of colors, a design change, etc.  Your community website is often the “first impression” to potential home buyers.  Your website should add value to the HOA and not have a negative effect.  You will want to show buyers that you are an active neighborhood, that you deal with problems, that you care about how the neighborhood looks.  I have seen poorly designed HOA websites that look awful and it makes me think that the neighborhoods must be run down.  I would be leery of looking at homes in those neighborhoods.  It is important to keep your website in style and looking current.

(3)  I spoke earlier of changes in technology.   In the last three years, it has become important that your website is Mobile Responsive.  With so many people looking up information on their phones and tablets,  your website must be able to adapt to the different sizes of screens.  Your website may have been built before this was an issue.  We can help you with this,  giving your website an “overhaul”  and your visitors will be much happier when accessing your website.

(4)  It also has become important for websites to have a SSL certificate installed.  A SSL certificate shows that your site is secure.  A green padlock appears in the address window before your domain name,  and the http:  is changed to https.  (S stands for secure.)  See the photo above.  Google says that NOT having a SSL  will effect ranking in search engine results.  Basically, they are forcing all website owners to install a SSL.  Your web hosting company may offer a free SSL and your favorite website designer can install it for you!

Don’t wait till your website is blocked by a page that says, “This website is NOT secure, we don’t recommend proceeding.  I have seen this happen 4 times in the past year.   You don’t want this happening when everyone is trying to access your site to pay dues.

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Mobile Responsive Website

All new websites that we design this year,  are Mobile Responsive.   We have also started updating the websites of past clients so their websites are more user friendly and Mobile Responsive.  A website that is Mobile Responsive adapts the display according to the device that is accessing it.

If you access a Mobile Responsive website from a smart phone or Ipad,  it is much, much easier to read than a nonresponsive.   The tech gurus are telling us that computers and laptops will soon be a thing of the past.  More and more people are accessing the internet via mobile devices.  Therefore, it is important that your HOA has a site that is readable from a mobile device.

To see the difference, try accessing the following addresses with a smartphone.
As of this writing, Talavera’s website ( has not been updated and is not mobile responsive.  Marble Leaf ( DOES have a Mobile Responsive website.

Pew Internet Research states that as of January 2014:

90% of American adults have a cell phone
58% of American adults have a smartphone
32% of American adults own an e-reader
42% of American adults own a tablet computer

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