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Tips for Developers

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate!
2. Create a website so that the following information is available 24/7.
3. Provide easy access to Covenants & Restrictions prior to a buyer’s closing.
4. Begin preparing a neighborhood 12 months in advance to turning over the ownership to residents.  Communicate a plan of transition, how the election of directors will take place, have an effective form of communication already in place.
5. Provide access to the budget, info on how the dues are spent.
6. When turning over the Association to residents, have at least three months expenses in the Association checking account.
7. Create a list of FAQs with answers. This will cut down tremendously on the amount of calls to your office.
8. Create an e-newsletter, recruit homeowners to draft short articles.
9. Plan and organize one or two family events for the neighborhood.