Is Brushy Aster overtaking your yard?


The flowers of these Asters are so pretty, purple with yellow centers and that is about all I can say for this pesky weed.  I am sure we have all seen yards that are almost over taken by this weed. Opportunists are what these weeds are as are all other weeds. They love bare and unhealthy soil as well as dryness.  Given the chance, they will choke out ailing Bermuda in their ever ending cycle of flowering and going to seed.

How to get rid of:


· Spray in October/November as the plant will begin seeding for next spring if you do not spray the flowers. Use a broad leave weed killer.


· Use corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent on your yard in November.

· The Aster has a very woody stem and is easy to pull in healthy soil. If the plant has seeded, be sure to carefully dispose of it not dropping the seeds into the yard.

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