Effective communication helps establish harmony…

“Effective communication helps to establish harmony in the community. The more effective the communication, the more successful will be the management of the association. A difficult aspect of communication is assuring that owners within a community have the opportunity to receive and/or access information.” ¬©Association Times

When developers anticipate turning over neighborhood associations to the homeowners, they need to prepare residents and communicate what the plan for transition will be, at least 6 months in advance. If preparation and communication does not take place, sooner or later, chaos will occur.

With the rising costs of postage, the internet provides a reasonable and timely way to communicate with each other. It is recommended that a developer create a website for the HOA as a part of its overall community plan. This is important for four reasons: (1) creates a stable link of communication during change and uncertainty, (2) creates an important depository of information for the HOA, meaning less calls to the developer; (3) HOA website creation promotes identity and neighborhood pride; (4) over time, members will habitally go to the website for important HOA information.
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